Ousley Read 180 Students - This Post Is For You

Hi! If you've landed here, you've heard my letter to you this week. I meant every single word of it. Want to read it again?
Here it is:

Ciao from Italy! 
I have kept in touch with Mrs. Price to hear how the rest of your school year has gone, and I am so proud of each and every one of you. Do you remember how you felt when you sat down in the Read 180 classroom for the first time and talked about your goals for school and life outside of school? Many of you wrote that you wanted to raise your reading level, not only so that you would do well in school but so that you could be better at the things you love to do. Some of you mentioned working over the summer and wanting to gain confidence in reading and writing so that you could fill out job applications and ace your interviews. Others mentioned starting small businesses mowing lawns, babysitting, and selling things on ebay (shout to to the sneaker-heads with a business plan. You know who you are.) Whatever you wind up doing, I know that the skills that you gained this year in Read180 will help you towards achieving your goals, whether they're in the classroom or outside of school. 

Take a minute to think about your lexile level when you began this year, and consider where you are now. WOW! You guys, I just can't tell you how proud you make me. Your hard work and perseverance has paid off. Be proud of your accomplishments this year, and be sure to set new goals next year. 

I think of y'all often and miss the laughter and joy you brought to me every day at school. Every single one of you has something incredible and unique to offer the world. Remember to be kind, help others, and be YOU. 

Now go and enjoy your summer!

Mrs. G

P.S. Remember that you can keep in touch by clicking on "Contact " from the menu. I'd love to hear about your summer plans and goals for the next year.