Sleigh Rides and Christmas Trees

Every year we visit Silveyville Tree Farm in Dixon, California with Jenny and her sons Joseph and Henry. This was the first year we decided to choose a tree and cut it down. Since we're moving a couple of weeks after Christmas, our plan was to do a little less decorating this year, a task that is quite hard for Christopher who loves Christmas decorations.

We agreed on a table-top sized tree and gave Evelyn the task of finding one that she liked that wasn't taller than her. Armed with sticks, Evie and Joe light-sabered their way through the rows of trees, struggling to concentrate on their task at hand, choosing play over the serious business of tree selection. The sun was setting, so I set out to find the tree that I liked the best, and found one that Christopher deemed a Charlie Brown tree. He chopped down our little cedar, so unlike the Douglas Firs normally featured for sale, and it fit so nicely in our trunk without any of fuss.  

Each year we take a motorized sleigh ride around the farm while singing Christmas carols and eating tootsie pops. The whole ride lasts less than ten minutes but it's the perfect combination of festive songs, holiday spirit, and sugar.